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How Does CryptoBnb Secures the Lowest Rates to Remove High Middleman costs?


Current Status Quo

Booking companies maintain thousands of staff on standby to resolve conflict, which negatively impacts customer prices. On top of those costs, booking through credit cards versus crypto increases transaction costs. All of these costs combine to reach double-digit fees for customers.


The smartcontracts and integration to the blockchain is the first step of dispute resolution reduction. Then CryptoBnB uses a decentralized platform of arbiters to resolve disputes to reduce costs.

Improved Quality

Arbiters are paid per arbitration event and they are highly penalized for any incorrect judgements, thus making them extremely efficient, speedy and precise.

Better for All

The CryptoBnB P2P rental platform is a win-win for everyone involved. Both the tenant and the host save on fees, and the arbiters are rewarded in the event of a conflict. Also turnover, more rentals rented more easily, is increased because of lowered costs.