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Vacation rentals platform powered by CryptoDnA – a trust based blockchain technology
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The Live Prototype of Our Revolutionary Platform Is Waiting for You
What Is CryptoBnB?
Powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data, CryptoBnB is a vacation rentals marketplace built to improve short-term rental experiences for hosts, guests and service providers worldwide.
The Most Wanted Rentals on the Most Trusted Marketplace
Let's wave goodbye to high middleman commissions, lengthy search times and unverified profiles, for good.
How do we guarantee the authenticity of hosts & travellers?
How do we provide the lowest rates & remove high third-party costs?
How do we remove lengthy search times for the perfect property?
How does the first blockchain democratized arbitration work?
Huge Market Opportunity
  • $550bn
    Market size
  • 14%
    Growth rate
  • $100m
    Expected market share in 2 years
  • 90,000
    Expected transactions in 2 years
  • 42,000
    Home listings in 2 years
Initial Coin Offering Road Map
Follow the milestones in our decentralised journey.
BnB Technology Breakthrough
  • User identity to solve fraudulent claims
  • Trust-based voting and rating system to allow users to know their peers’ ratings
  • Self-learning smart wallet that captures users' preferences
  • 0% commission fees
  • P2P smart contracts and no middlemen
  • P2P marketing using AI logic
  • Address network limitations of micro transactions on the blockchain and intregration of IPFS to manage this

Intelligent search engine

The first search engine linked to blockchain that harnesses AI and big data to ensure optimum & bespoke search results. Combining user preferences, transaction history and data from searches, travellers are matched with ideal listings.

P2P Marketing

The first P2P marketing mechanism uses AI data stored in the blockchain to provide enhanced ROI and better targeted campaigns for hosts.

CryptoDnA® Smart Wallet

The heart of the platform is the technological force behind intelligent search engines and smart contracts.
Now You Know, Join the ICO
Fuel our expansion as we future-proof the way you host, book and stay.
ICO Token and Distribution Details

Token Specifications

  • The total number of CKEY tokens is 1 billion
  • 1 CKEY: US$0.08
  • The Token Sale will run for 90 days or until sold out
  • The ICO hard cap is $15.2 million
  • The soft cap is $1.5 million
  • The minimum purchase is $75 (0.1 ETH)
  • CKEY tokens are ERC-20 standard tokens
  • Participant's wallets must be ETH ERC-20 compatible
  • Tokens are bound to USD for the sale - as ETH fluctuates the amount of tokens received changes, not the price of the tokens

ICO Details

  • Participants must register for the ICO directly through our website (no other website or mechanism is promoted)
  • After filling out the KYC form, the CryptoBnB team will vet all applicants and notify them when the ETH wallet address they have supplied is approved or rejected
  • Applicants will receive a notification when their ETH transfer has been successful
  • Allocated tokens will be transferred to applicant’s wallet in maximum of one week
Best price
ICO T1 50.00% Discount $0.040 Token price 100,000,000 Tokens/tier
ICO T2 40.00% Discount $0.048 Token price 80,000,000 Tokens/tier
ICO T3 30.00% Discount $0.056 Token price 60,000,000 Tokens/tier
ICO T4 20.00% Discount $0.064 Token price 40,000,000 Tokens/tier
ICO T5 10.00% Discount $0.072 Token price 20,000,000 Tokens/tier
Token Distribution
Token Allocation
  • Advisors 2.5%
  • Founders 20%
  • Token ICO 30%
  • Team 7%
  • Hosts Bonuses 10%
  • Bounties 2.5%
  • Service Provider Bonuses 5%
  • Reserve 22.50%
Fund Allocation
  • Marketing & Sales 20%
  • Blockchain Team 15%
  • Security & Bug Bounty 5%
  • Legal Affairs 5%
  • Development Fund 5%
  • Multi-Platform Support 15%
  • Administration & Operations 10%
  • Expense Reserve 25%
Meet Our Founder & CEO
Tariq Alwahedi
A global entrepreneur, industrialist, and business strategist, Tariq Alwahedi has over 20 years of international experience across diverse sectors including FMCG, oil & gas investments, heavy industries, petrochemicals, energy, construction, food & beverage and real estate. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Tariq is a self-made businessman, who is considered an innovative visionary in the cryptocurrency industry as a result of his work creating practical applications in the FinTech arena. Mr. Alwahedi received his B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Tulsa and EMBA from Kellogg School of Management. LinkedIn.
Meet Our Team
Mohamed Waqas
Marketing Manager
Aleksey Mikhalev
Legal Advisor
Sergei Illarionov
Software Engineer
Saira Mondal
Software Engineer
Galina Mikova
Technical Writer
Denys Kurganskyi
Platform Developer
Christopher Barber
Lead Blockchain Engineer
Meet Our Advisors
Mo Hamdouna
CO marketing advisor Mo Works Creative Director
Juan Otero Management Team.
Warren Whitlock
Advisor Influencer Architect, Top 10 Social Media Influencer
Qamar Zia
Blockchain Researcher & Advisor
Saad Mohib
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