CryptoBnB ICO | Blockchain vacation rental

How Does CryptoBnB Guarantee Matching Reputable Hosts & Travelers?


Reduces Traveler Discrimination

The property host initiates a smart contract based on the traveller`s guarantee of payment through the CryptoDNA wallet. If previous properties been rented, the host can approve the traveler based on the track record of paying on time and the state they have left previous rentals: not based on their gender, group size, or nationality.

Blockchain Technology Ensure Real Reviews

Property reviews can only be created on the decentralized blockchain that have a supporting smartcontract which verifes the tenant truly rented the property and require geotagging check-in verification to guarantee the traveller actually stayed in the property.

Direct Dispute Settlement

Smartcontracts with fixed terms reduce costly disputes that have to be platform mediated. For example, a smartcontract stipulates that the propery be left in a certain conditions. The tenant uploads to the blockchain a time-stamped image at checkout of the property to be recorded and approved by host. Upon approval, the host can immediately release traveler`s deposits.