Vacation rentals powered by CryptoDNA® – a trust based blockchain technology.
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The ICO and platform was influenced by our advisors from and
What is CryptoBnB? A vacation rental marketplace built to improve short term rental experiences. Powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data promises to deliver smart machine learning user’s wallets to enhance their search results and improve property turnarounds.

The power of CryptoBnB comes from the breakthrough technology CryptoDNA®. This technology enables zero tenant discrimination, trustworthy verified property ratings, and tailored search experiences. It is designed to enhance the ROI of the market makers. All of these benefits coupled with multi layered security that surpasses existing marketplaces today.

ICO Success Factors

Integrated core strength & security

Breakthrough technologies

  • Blockchain (Smart contracts)
  • Interplanteary File System (IPFS) with Smart Access blocks
  • Artificial Integlligence
  • Big Data

Government and regulations friendly

  • Better government compliance due to direct relationship with host and traveller observing local laws.
  • Easy to integrate with tax accounting.

Existing marketplayers are participants

Established reputable hosts registered and part of initial offering. Generating traffic and business from day one

Incentives for hosts and marketmakers to convert.

Better ROI for hosts & travellers

  • P2P marketing
  • Fewer disputes by optimum screening
  • Faster asset turnaround
  • 0% commission, lower fees
Business plan
  • $550Bn
    Market size
  • 14%
    Growth rate
  • $100mn
    Expected Market
    share on yr2
  • 90,000
    Transactions y2
  • 42,000
    Listings Y2
  • Concept Creation
    1 Month
    • Form Team
    • Create platform concept
    • Route to market
    Whitepaper Launch
    2 Month
    • Whitepaper review
    • Crypto economics review
    Beta platform
    • Legal entity Setup
    • Token Term Sheet
    • IP & Tax Strategy
    • Regulatory Filing
    • Cybersecurity Audit
    • Blockchain Tech evaluation
    • Token Creation
    • Digital Wallets
    • Smart Contracts
    • Crowdfunding sec. compliance
    • Escrow account participants processing.
    • Exchange listing
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Website
    • Intro Video
    • Listing on ICO bulletins
    • Social Media campaign
    • Press Campaign
    • Roadshow campaign
    • Excange listing/ integration
    ICO Public Sale
    6 Weeks
    • 360 Marketing
    • KYC vetting
    • Token allocation
    Phase 1 development
    6 Month
    • Blockchain/Smartcontract
    • Permission Blocks
    • Release tokens
    • Release Apps
    • Third party integration
    Phase 2 development
    6 Month
    • AI
    • Big Data
    • Smart Contracts
    • Smart Search Engine
Technology Breakthrough
  • P2P targeted marketing powered by Crypto DNA
  • Crypto DNA wallet and intelligent search engines powered by AI & big data
  • Smart Access blockchain powered by IPFS
  • P2P smartcontracts
  • Decentralized P2P reviews and ratings

Intelligent search engine

First search engine linked to blockchain that relies on AI and big data in the block assuring optimum & bespoke search results. Combines user preferences, transaction history and learns from searches to match suitable rental options with travellers.

P2P Marketing

First P2P marketing mechanism based on AI data stored in the block. This will ensure better ROI and better targeted campaigns for hosts.

CryptoDNA Smart Wallet

The heart of the platform that energizes its intelligent search engines and smartcontracts

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CryptoBnB will revolutionize the hospitality industry and will be a disrupting technology step-up to the blockchain technology

Token Specs:

  • Total CBnB Tokens 1 billion CBnBs
  • 1 ETH=9000 CBnB on exchange listing (target)
  • Token pricing as per Tier Model
  • Minimum Cap 15,000 ETH
  • CBnB token is ERC20
  • Participants wallets must be ETH ERC20 compatible

Token Dispatch & Listing:

  • Participants will register below and will get the address to transfer ETH
  • Upon successful transfer of ETH and filling out of KYC form the CryptoBnB team will vet all applicants.
  • Approved accounts will be allocated tokens to the wallets they specified in maximum 1 week while rejected applicants will be refunded.
  • Token will be listed on an exchange within 1-2 months form tokens dispatch date
Bonus Sale
ICO T1 30.00% Bonus 11,700 CBnB : ETH 100,000,000 Tokens/tier
Duration 1 week Buy CBnB Tokens
Offering  Starting Soon
ICO T2 25.00% Bonus 11,250 CBnB : ETH 100,000,000 Tokens/tier
Duration 1 week
ICO T3 20.00% Bonus 10,800 CBnB : ETH 100,000,000 Tokens/tier
Duration 1 week
ICO T4 15.00% Bonus 10,350 CBnB : ETH 100,000,000 Tokens/tier
Duration 1 week
ICO T5 10.00% Bonus 9900 CBnB : ETH 100,000,000 Tokens/tier
Duration 1 week
ICO T6 5.00% Bonus 9450 CBnB : ETH 100,000,000 Tokens/tier
Duration 1 week
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Fund Distribution
Token Allocation
  • Reserve 12.5%
  • Token ICO 60%
  • Team 5%
  • Founders 15%
  • Advisors 2.5%
  • Bonuses 2.5%
  • Bounties 2.5%
Proceed Allocation
  • Marketing & Sales 20%
  • Operations Team 25%
  • Reserve 30%
  • Legal 5%
  • Acquisition 5%
  • Techical Team 15%
Meet the founder / CEO:
Tariq Alwahedi

A global entrepreneur, industrialist, and business strategist, Tariq Alwahedi has over 20 years of combined experience in various nations and across multiple sectors including FMCG, oil & gas investments, heavy industries, petrochemicals, energy, construction, food & beverage and real estate. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Tariq is a self-made businessman, who is an innovative visionary in the cryptocurrency industry that is working to create practical applications in the FinTech arena. Mr. Alwahedi received his B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Tulsa and EMBA from Kellogg School of Management. LinkedIn.

Meet our team
Justine Corrado
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Mohamed Waqas
Marketing Manager
Faris Tariq
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Aleksey Mikhalev
Legal Advisor
Sergei Illarionov
Software Engineer
Saira Mondal
Software Engineer
Galina Mikova
Technical Writer
Denys Kurganskyi
Platform Developer
Christopher Barber
Lead Blockchain Engineer
Meet our advisors
Juan Otero
Advisor Founder
Warren Whitlock
Advisor Influencer Architect, Top 10 Social Media Influencer
Identity designed for you. Self-sovereign ID enables you to collect verifications, log-in without passwords, digitally sign transactions, and interact with Ethereum applications.
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“I believe that a correction is imminent,” stated Tariq Alwahedi, CEO of CryptoBnB, a cryptocurrency-based platform for renting.
Airbnb may be the biggest home-sharing game in town, but a new startup is trying to push its way into the market. Enter CryptoBnB: the online home-sharing platform that wants …
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Airbnb may be the biggest home-sharing game in town, but a new startup is trying to push its way into the market. Enter CryptoBnB: the online home-sharing platform that wants …
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Analyst Tariq Alwahedi has provided similar warnings, recently stating that “I believe that a correction is imminent.” Alwahedi, CEO of CryptoBnB, a cryptocurrency-based platform for renting, added: “The fundamentals are still very strong for BTC, but at the …
ドバイに本社を置くCryptoBNB社は、ブロックチェーンを活用した民泊プラットフォーム「CryptoBnB(クリプトビーエヌビー)」を発表した。 CryptoBnBは、滞在先を探す旅行者と賃貸所有者が仮想通貨により直接やりとりを行うことができるプラットフォームだ。そのため従来の代理店や民泊プラットフォームとして知名度のあるAirbnbなどを利用する際に考慮すべきだった手数料は発生しない。さらに、P2P(ピアツーピア)のブロックチェーンを導入することにより通貨の不正を防ぐことが期待される。12月中には、独自のICO(イニシャル・コイン・オファリング)とCBnBトークンを発行する予定だ。
Most people seldom stop to examine the speed of technological change and how it’s transforming how we do business. But as we prepare for the so-called blockchain revolution, for which crypto …
CryptoBnBは既存のプラットフォームの短期レンタル体験を改善するために作られたホスピタリティ市場です。 ブロックチェーン、AI、ビッグデータ、ユーティリティトークンと先進的な財布を備えた最初の家賃レンタルプラットフォーム。 CryptoBnBのパワーは開発した画期的な技術です。 この技術は実用的で効率的で使いやすいように設計されています。 マーケットメーカーのROIを向上させるために設計されています。 これらのメリットのすべては今日の既存市場を上回る多層セキュリティと結びついています。
  • Whom do i contact for PR and press related matter?
    Please contact our PR contact
  • How can I get updates on the ICO and project?
    Please join our Telegram group for suture announcements and update
  • How can I communicate with the developing team?
    please join our slack group
  • Which exchange will you be listed at?
    We are still in discussion with several exchanges now.
  • When are you going to list BnB in the exchange?
    We expect the listing process will take 1-2 months from end of the ICO
Jobs @ CryptoBnB
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Blockchain Coder
Most important: Experience working with Solidity, Python, Django, and Javascript Experience designing and deploying services on Amazon AWS Experience with API based architectures (SOA, micro-services) Experience writing high-quality unit tests Experience with data visualization and interpretation Nice to have: – Experience with working remotely – Familiar/involved with open­ source projects Personal: – Independent, self-motivated – Fluent in English, written and spoken – Proven track record of always learning and growing. – Proactive attitude – Possess a spirit of generosity
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