CryptoBnB ICO | Blockchain vacation rental

Lengthy Search Times
For the Perfect Property


Initial Booking

You decided to spend a romantic weekend in Paris. After sifting through major booking rental sites, YOU choose CryptoBnB. As the platform is utlized, the site is created to combine artifical intelligence and big data to accurately narrow down suggestions for you. For example, platform can see you often freqent Thai restaurants or modern art museums from other search engines, therefore it will properties nearby those outlets.

CryptoDNA Wallet Securely Provides Your Check-in Details

The CryptoDNA Wallet securely stores all your private information from family details, payment options, and travel details on the most secure level of the blockchain. This is your key to SWIFT transactions. Not only applicable for use on CryptoBnB`s platform but partnerships are being formed with other decentralized platforms to swiftly and securely enter your details. CryptoDna Patented revolutionary technology combines Interplanteary File System (IPFS) with Smart Access blocks ensures different security layers that you grant permission to. Private, semi-private, and public data.