CryptoBnB ICO | Blockchain vacation rental
First Smart Trust Base
Blockchain Protocol Patent Pending
CryptoDna powered by Ai
and IPFS is a self learning
and enhancing blockchain
First Proof of –°oncept
CryptoDNA Protocol
Our team is developing a patent pending protocol that will reshape the internet forever. CryptoDna is a self learning blockchain that captures data from transactions to build the first Trust base self learning system: This represents individual's credit history that keeps building itself based on transactions on the blockchain networks.
Why is Trustless Trust
Rating so Important?

Many industries in today's world were created to provide the trust factor between buyer and seller

Such as:

  • Banks & financial services
  • Law firms

All these industries created huge amounts of fees (friction) just to provide trust to users.

Imagine if this can be done without middlemen. CrytoDna can save all these intermediate steps by providing trustless trust

Example Business that will
Benefit From CryptoDnA

  • Travel & Hospitality services (Airbnb)
  • Car rentals (Uber, Avis, Hertz, etc)
  • Financial Loan services
SAB technology for Highest level security permissible (on demand) access.
Uses same hashing security level for blockchain
Protocol integrated with Narrow Ai to enable smart search engines integration, data integration for proper P2P applications
Protocol built on blockchain. We believe in democratization of networks. CryptoDnA power comes from its decentralization
Smart wallet that provides trust ratings based on actual blockchain transactions that cant be manipulated
Protocol that is integrated with IPFS and big data for unlimited size expansion
April 2018
Team mobilization.
October 2018
Integration of
IPFS layer testing
January 2019
Ai + Big data
June 2019
Smart search
engine launch
Sept 2019
Go Life